Shoe Care & Repair

Taking Care of Your Meenu Graziani Shoes

We at Meenu Graziani source the best and highest standard quality materials for our products. It is important for us to ensure the longevity and durability of our shoes and bags.

Please note that these recommendations are provided simply as courtesy to those wishing to care for or repair our products and customers who follow these guidelines are solely responsible for the results, excluding Meenu Graziani from any responsibility.

 We would like to give you a brief guide into how to take care of your shoes and clutch bags.


You can extend the life of your shoes by storing the shoes carefully in the dust bag provided and stuffing them with tissue when they are not being worn.

Maintaining the Soles

The soles of our shoes are made of a smooth and delicate leather and will therefore naturally wear down with extensive wear. This is not a manufacturing defect, it is a natural process and part of the normal wear of the shoes.

In the event the soles become very worn down, we recommend replacing them with an additional leather sole as soon as possible. This can be done at most good cobblers.

It is not recommended to walk on wet grass as shoes will get dirty and the stains are very difficult to remove.

Please note that small stains on the leather sole can be softened by rubbing gently with a white eraser.

Maintaining the Heel Tips

With extensive wear the heel tip will naturally deteriorate. It is recommended that these are changed before the inner heel begins to show.

You can change your heel tip at a shoe cobbler.

The Inner Soles

It is only natural for the inner sole to become dirty or discoloured over time.

We recommend that you mix some soap and water and softly brush away the dirt.


Due to the nature of the material, the appearance of our beautiful leathers can transform over time with slight colour changes and markings. Marks can be improved by gently buffing the affected area with a soft cloth. To maintain the appearance of your leather goods, be sure to store them in your dust bags.

The soft leather soles of our pumps, sandals and flats may become damaged if wet.

Printed Leathers

We at Meenu Graziani takes great care to design and use unique, one-of-a-kind prints for our collections. Please store the printed shoes in dust bags when not in use to avoid colour migration.

Metallic Leathers

Metallic leather may lose some colour and become wrinkled over time due to wear, this is a natural process.

Due to the nature of this fabric there may be some fine scratches, however this is not a fault with the shoe.

Patent Leathers

Patent is a hard-wearing and durable leather. You can maintain its gloss by regular polish with a soft cloth.


As a porous material, suede can mark easily. Should you find a small build up of dirt; it can be cleaned with a soft brush. Please take care when using the brush.

Suede often has subtle colour variations due to the rub of the leather.

Excess exposure to water or other liquids may result in staining so we recommend using a protective spray.


It is important to take extra care with shoes made from lace as it is a delicate fabric and needs to be kept out of contact from sharp, rough objects that may catch the material.

It is important to keep lace out of contact with water or other liquids. Do not apply leather cleaning products to lace.

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